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North Carolina Small Business Network


Are you a small business owner and do business in NC?

Want to network with other small business owners in NC?

Join the North Carolina Small Business Network Group & support NC small business!

Use the NCSBN page to search for all your consumer needs. Simply post what you are looking i.e. "ISO dog grooming services" or "ISO catering service".

North Carolina Small Business Network was created November 1, 2016, to encourage North Carolinians to support small businesses and build wealth in our great state. For every big business or national chain, there is a local small business waiting for the chance to show you that their small business can offer you the same quality service as big-name businesses.

North Carolina Small Business Network is NOT a non-profit organization. This network page is a FREE Facebook group, under the Allen Consulting Firm, LLC brand, aimed at bringing small businesses together to network and ultimately create wealth in North Carolina. NC Small Business Network will periodically host optional vendor expos to further give NC small businesses exposure in our state communities.

**Due to legality concerns, All WELLNESS products (powders, herbs, shakes, wraps, pills, gels, drinks, etc) not approved by the Federal Drug Administration are prohibited on this page.**

DISCLAIMER: North Carolina Small Business Network or Allen Consulting Firm LLC is not liable for any services rendered by any business listed in this group.

NC Small Business Network Staff

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